About Us


Conch Turbo Sauce was first developed by “Bimini Mike” in the 1980’s on Sugarloaf Key just north of Key West, Florida.  The home-brewed Caribbean-style red sauce was shared with friends who offered rave reviews and suggested it be bottled!  So, in 1986, Conch Turbo Sauce Corporation was born. 

After years of offering Conch Turbo Sauce Original Recipe we have added 2 additional sauces Gold with the perfect blend of Pinapple and Habanero and Green which combines spicy Jalapeno Peppers and the unmistakable tartness of Key limes

Conch Turbo Sauce, located in Florida develops high quality spicy, yet flavorful sauces made with all-natural ingredients.  Try our sauces for grilling, marinades,  or as a condiment, and to add a zesty zing to your favorite recipes. Once you try our products, we’re sure you’ll agree that Conch Turbo sauces are the finest hot sauces you’ve ever tasted – maybe the finest in the universe!



Conch Turbo Sauce (Original Recipe)

2008 – 1st Place, Hot Sauce – Ketchup Based, The Hot Pepper Awards
2009 – 1st Place, Hot Sauce – Southern Style, The Hot Pepper Awards
2010 – 1st Place, Hot Sauce – Sweet and Savory, The Hot Pepper Awards
2011 – 3rd Place, Hot Sauce – Pepper-Based, The Hot Pepper Awards
2013 – 2nd Place, Hot Sauce Competition, Cajun Hot Sauce Festival
2014 – 1st Place, Caribbean Style, Cajun Hot Sauce Festival


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